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Success with Mediation
How Can Mediation Help?
Carolyn's Expert View

Mediation is a voluntary confidential process where the parties sit down with a neutral third party and discuss the issues. Mediation provides a safe environment for parties to explore options about reaching a creative agreement to settle disputes, because parties can often reach a much more creative agreement than through the court system. Mediation provides much more control for the parties - not control over each other, but control over the agreement itself. It provides options and an alternative to traditional litigation. Mediation usually involves compromise by both parties, as any agreement does, but it normally involves less stress than the traditional litigation process. It is important that both parties feel comfortable with the mediator that you mutually agree upon, and that the mediator is a neutral third party and does not favor one person over the other.


"I believe in mediation because I have seen the court system, over the years, wreak havoc on individuals and families. The traditional court system can be a frustrating process. Mediation can be particularly beneficial for parents who are concerned about the stress that may filter down and affect their children. Children, no matter the age, can often sense the stress of either parent, and mediation is one option to consider when parents are focused on the best interest of their children. Often parties can resolve disputes without the expense, stress, and frustration of traditional litigation, if they have an open mind and employ a skillful mediator."

Carolyn Harris

How it Works

Either party can call my office and speak with my assistant to schedule a discounted initial joint consultation. Both parties come into the office to discuss the mediation process. This is an opportunity for me to get to know you, and for you to get to know me. I will explain my style of mediation and answer any questions you may have about how mediation works. One question often asked is how long the process takes. That generally depends on each of you and how well you work together. Normally, mediation takes multiple sessions, but, in some circumstances, single session mediations can work just as well and resolve issues quickly.


Make it Easy

1. Schedule a discounted joint consultation
2. Learn about each other
3. Discover how mediation works
4. Resolve issues quickly


Receive a discounted initial joint mediation consultation.

Bring both parties to the Monterey office for a consult direct with Carolyn B. Harris.

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"The experience with Carolyn was very good.  She did everything in my case quickly and responsibly.  I would recommend her to everyone, as she is wonderful."

- Monica Cervantes


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